A Little RLI2Paris Data

Been rattling through the stats from my Lan2Paris ride, some interesting. Changed the front derailleur a total of 199 times, and the rear 4666 times, resulting in 29% Di2 battery used (which includes all the additional Di2 items such as wireless kit). Average cadence was a pathetic 69 rpm. Average heart rate was 131 bpm with a peak for the entire ride of 182 bpm (Mow Cop). Average speed was a dismal 16.99 km/h with a much more respectable top speed of 64.3 km/h (on way to catch the ferry, coming down Mow Cop only got up to 57.34 km/h). Total ascent was 5433m and calories burnt was lower than expected at only 28329. Total distance was 790.94 Km, and average BG was 6.15 mmol/L.

On notes about the tracking system…well it sucked. That needs A LOT of work on it.

A hard first day!

First off it took forever to escape the hospital. Yes, I had a “normal” checkup before leaving before the good ol’ handshakes and best wishes as this lunatic setoff. Think I wasted a good 90mins in the Hospital before getting going *sigh*.

Green Lane Garage, Garstang

Ten miles down the road in Garstang, my front rack failed… Not a happy bunny! But also all my own fault for not being thorough enough on checking every last nut and bolt. Thankfully not far off though was Green Lane Garage, and Chris there was an utter star and helped me out to get something together. Without him, I would of probably just got a taxi back to Lancaster and thought sod it all! I was really getting pretty downbeat by this time, and even more so when looking at the clock and I was two and half hours in and I had only done ten miles.

Eventually, I did get going and heading south and was soon in Preston and having no end of hassles both navigating the city and so many of places around it. It felt like being trapped in the backend of West Cumbria and unable to escape, but without the scenic areas to escape into. Scary! Also found it to be one of those places filled with bike hating jackasses who had no time for any other road user other than themselves in their metal boxes.

Escaping Preston and getting moving I was finding time slipping away badly and I was making very slow progress. In the end, I simply thought I had had enough for the day and needed to find a place to hide for the night and get rid of this day as soon as possible. I was about 13 miles away from my destination for the day from my initial plans but that could have been much worse. Tomorrow I hope to get an early start and if the roads keep like the ones here in Cheshire it should be pretty easy to get some decent miles in. Better luck tomorrow I hope!

Medtronic 640G Pump Fliddling

Went down to the Lancaster i Pumps tonight. Got out of work and utterly blitzed it home. Got to Penrith with spare time and even got to the meeting early. One of those nights I guess.

The big topic of the night was the new Medtronic 640G pump with a presentation from Medtronic with help from local test user of the pump Dave Sowerby.

Not actually being able to use one I can’t actually say how well the Smart Guard hypo prevention works when really pushed in my usual inevitable taking things to the limits, and then take them a bit further just to see how far they’ll go. But still it did look a nice touch.

So getting to fiddling with it for five minutes. The new user interface and general feel of it is improved. The ability to create presets for various things is a very nice feature. Bolus Wizard has been tweaked, it always was good but seems better still now. Being waterproof is great, and long overdue as we live with British weather! Shining a torch on the screen seemed to work as a test to see if it’s readable in bright direct light…seemed pretty clear even then so that’s very nice!

The pumps heavy reliance on CGM sensors was discussed, which is always a hot topic as to can we or can’t we get them out of a hospital. With its Smart Guard needing CGM sensors all the time that really will depend on how the NHS becomes more open to general CGM sensor funding for all…that as we all know is best not holding your breath for. It does work without the CGM sensors, yet without them it really just becomes another pump with a colour screen, and a software upgrade.

So do I like it? I honestly don’t know. The portrait layout of the device compared to the landscape format of all the earlier models will make it more difficult for me personally if I had one mounted on my arm as I usually do. But only as far as I’d need to have more slack tubing in my arm pouch so I could rotate it around. That could in theory at least result it tugging on it and make it rotate while on my arm but this really can’t be known until it’s tried in use.  Am I putting how to attach it to me over actually it’s features and use? Probably.  Would I like one? With the CGM sensors yes for the Smart Guard, without them hmm, not overly sure…maybe *shrug*

Off to Lancaster again…

OK, a few goofs already. Firstly I couldn’t find a “sample” bottle do not taking one. That’ll get me in the dog house right off. And I’ve also not brought the correct blood/food is had book, so going to be in the dog house for that also, although that’s an easy fix as they can download it all off my pump, along with the sensor data off the ride. Still expecting to get moaned at though.

On a good note just set a personal best time to Penrith train station in 81mins. Oddly didn’t really feel that I was pushing it, no silly out of the seat sprints needed to get the train either. Guess my legs are still pretty decent at the moment.

Always an Adventure Part 2

Well…dinner was delayed. Seems I couldn’t order any dinner till 5.30pm, which OK was a 45mins wait which was the best solution since I felt I needed it.

The long delay in Ambleside of 90mins and the wind was still as nasty as it was beforehand. The long slog climb up Dunmail was nasty with the headwind in my face all the way, so much so by the time I reached Thirlmere I decided to duck behind it and hide from the wind for a bit even if it did mean I was adding an extra couple of miles.

It was nice, very quiet without a single car. That made up for the added distance in itself just about! But best of all the wind was much more pleasant being sheltered by the trees until I reached the dam wall. The wind was seriously blasting while crossing, and continued to do so all the way home.

On a nice day, that ride would of been brilliant I think. The canal, the lakes and the views. But with the headwind sapping all the way it sadly really did pull on my all the way. But these are learning experiences so that’s all good!

Always an adventure…

There is something nice about every ride and that is they are all adventures. Small or large doesn’t matter, but they all have a tale to tell.

Today has had loads of lovely little things. There was the suicidal rabbit this morning which ran between my wheels and scared me for a moment. There was the police sniffer pups in training which were a lot of fun. The gentle ride along the canal, the little kids with the ducks and the narrow boats. Me getting hopelessly lost in Kendal with its one way system. The train crossing, never ridden over one of those before. And the headwind on the way home, causing huge white horses on Windermere making it resemble the sea more than a lake.

So while I wait for my dinner in Ambleside I sit enjoying the sun looking forward to the ride home…