First test ride with bags

Before work this morning decided to load up the panniers and go for a ride around the lake. Learned a fair bit really, mostly about how bad my packing is at getting the weight overloaded on one side, but will work on that one. Overall speed wasn’t that bad, but acceleration was dreadful. But the biggest lesson was fuel uses (blood sugar), used significantly more than on an unloaded lap of the lake. Obviously this is going to take in more thinking and testing to find the sums to work out what my new carb intakes going to be. But currently looks to be a massive increase over a normal ride. Will keep you posted on what I learn.

John O’Groats to Lands End

Well, finally confirmed it, put it in the press and no getting out of it now. From June 15th I’m riding the 1000 mile length of the UK in aid of the JDRF…eep! Not to make life easy, am doing it utterly unsupported with just me, the bike, and carrying all food, cloths, and tent with me. Should be a fun venture 🙂

The word is out!

Well, I put a story in KesMail about doing the John O’Groats to Lands End ride in June. It came out today and been overwhelming how many people have come in to work to ask about it. Thank you all so much for the great support!