Highs and Lows

The plan was sound, another solid day like yesterday along some A roads. It started well with a fantastic breakfast also and a very nice fruit salad. And the road to Glastonbury was pretty good considering the festival starts in a couple of days. Lots of people going with materials for the festival.

It was also good to start seeing other people doing the End2End again, even if they all were going in the opposite direction. But you could really tell the difference in styles of riders. There were the locals, maybe a dayglo jacket and a mountain bike usually. Then there was the End2Enders who had all the kit, bags usually all loaded perfectly, proper jackets on, helmets, gloves etc. Then there was the booking festival goer. Most could be considered “a bike” usually vaguely from how battered they seemed to be. Bags don’t seem to be part of their kit, but throwing everything into the bike and bungeeing it on did. Helmets seemed to be  a no no also. And clothing? It seemed baggy as possible and the more they liked like rejects from the 70s the better. And me? Smelly bag busy polluting the air behind, and a blooded up knee and my blue and white JDRF colours,  and buried under bags.

Next up came Taunton. But getting there became harder than expected. The wind was the same as earlier, not the no wind first predicted but still about 11mph according to the Met Office.

It all started with an odd high, which I put down to breakfast being slow to digest and kicking in late. I did a smaller than needed correction (due to the fact I was riding still) but to no effect. I did another, and another, then crash out fell, so I had something to eat. Blood was now back up to 11′s and climbing. Tried to correct, again to no change. This continued till it was over 25 (for those none diabetics “normal” is meant to be 6.2, over 12 and exercise isn’t “recommended”). I had being trying to trundle along slowly but in the end have up and say on the rid side trying to get control of the highs. In the end to no avail I end up having to  change my canula and infusion set beefier things come under control again.

I press on but sadly the A road turns into the M5 and that’s scuppered that idea. So a quick switch to Route 3 and follow the canal to Tiverton. Bloods started behaving again which was good, but the excessive time navigating around Taunton used up quite a lot of my power.

Considered pressing on, but deciding against it due to the lack of power so the final decision for the day after finding no lodgings ahead of me. Anywhere would of done really where I could plug in some chargers. I was considering just riding on and using my headlight but the lack of power for my navigation / phone was a concern for a place where I have utterly no idea where I’m going.

So safe in a hotel again. Get to many high blood sugar parts today, and get too few miles. An early start tomorrow and I hope to maybe finish this. Long day, but should hopefully be possible.

Bettered and Bruised

I had a late start, and it was already gone 8 by the time I left the hotel just south of Birmingham. And I had some serious mileage to get me back on schedule to do. Giving up on the predefined map route, I picked the A38 and that was it. I going to sit in it and keep banging on the miles as best I can.

The plan want bad, but for one slight snag. The 16-24mph headwind. I ducked out of it a couple of times but it was there battering me over and over all day long.

For breakfast I dropped into the Tewkesbury garden centre as it was the first place a saw at a reasonably hungry time along the side of the road. I got lost in the fish tanks admiring the dead good fish while looking for the cafe, but the cafe was packed. I was surprised a little roadside garden centre had 30 tables, and nearly all were full.

The sausage sandwich wasn’t anything amazing, but the cakes, wow they were good! I had a brownie and it was so light and melting in the mouth. I also took a few flapjacks for the road, which also turned out to be as melt in the mouth, although not very flapjacky, very tasty also.

Down the road I followed the A38 into Gloucester, but hoped of it and onto the cycle route to tour the cathedral and docks. Some impressive sights.

As the A38 neared Bristol it was time to delay ways and I headed for Chipping Sodbury. The road was a getting a little busier than expected, but there was route 410 which followed the road. At the next entry point I pulled in and thud.

I was in a heap on the side of the road, aching, bleeding and wondering what had happened. All turns out that route 410 was put together by idiots who haven’t a clue about bikes as I learned once back on my feet and continued from then on down the road avoiding it. Every entry ramp was at least two and half inches above the road. These are the entry points you you hit at an angle and speed coming of a road, not whack and flicks the front wheel around and down you go. Muppet! Both legs were grazed, as was my left wrist, and cheek. My helmet took a good thud into the pavement but no visible marks. But my left knee was bleeding, and I really wasn’t happy about pretty much everything. So anyone doing the End2End, avoid route 410!

Nursing my wounds I looked around for a hotel. All seemed to close, but found one in Frome which was far enough off, and with good A road access. The snag being I had to get through Bath to hey there.

My route through Bath was fun. The toll bridge I enjoyed as it was free for bikes. The 25% climb after it wasn’t enjoyable in the slightest. Utterly cruelty at this point in the day and with my leg still bleeding. But I pressed on and got to the hotel just before 9.cleaned myself up and got a nice dinner in just before the restaurant closed. Good mileage considering.

Quintessentially English

Today started much better than yesterday and I was on the road by 6am. And by 10 I was having breakfast in Whitchurch which is a beautiful little town which reminds me a lot of home.

The local area was rolling hills and surprisingly a lot of horses. Even passing a group of jockeys racing around a field in training. And many on the roads out walking. The fields were mostly yellow, although a few were turning red with the poppy fields which are so popular around here, as well as many potato fields bit those are less a spectacle.

Getting to Telford want bad, and before going in I saw a roadside cafe and stopped for lunch. I got chatting to one local guy who guessed I was doing the end to end and we discussed how his doctor kept telling him to lose weight or he might become diabetic. It made me chuckle though when he learned I was one “but there’s no meat on you”. So I went through the usual expansions about the different kinds and went into the JDRF. The guy nicely donated £5. Thanks!

Getting to Telford I had I simple plan, stick to one road and zap through it. That got scuppered so I once again got into knots trying to escape, taking far longer than expected.

I kept on going and the weather remained undecided. As soon as I changed into wet weather kit, the sun would come out and I would bake, and add soon as I took of my jacket, down the rain would come. In the end I just gave up and went on in my dry weather kit. It probably needed a good wash anyhow.

Time was skipping on so time to find somewhere to stay. Best I could find in a pretty decent direction was in
Upton Warren which I had no idea where to get to. I switched to using Google Navigation for this and talk about asking the country paths it took me. I was sure it was wrong, but looking at the map it only seems to of goofed up a couple of times so I’ll forgive it. Must admit it was nice to ride along a canal again, but quite different to the Lancaster or Glasgow canals as this had on part cut out of sandstone.

Pausing to rummage through my bags for more food when the wind caught LM and thud, not a good sound. Bent the lefthand gear /brake horn in, not bad enough to make it to uncomfortable or stop it working but annoying. I rummaged around again for my tools but remembered I didn’t bring the Allen key set as I had a multi tool. And the snag here being it’s too short reach and chunky to fit the small space to adjust the horn back. Annoying but am sure a garage or bike shop while passing will have some keys to buy.

Continuing Google Navigates rather odd around the houses route I suddenly thought it had dumped me on millionaires row. Every house was huge, well the ones you could see. Every passing car was a big car and everyone had personalised plates. No idea who lived here but was a few cars with UTD plates. Trying to think which football team is a United locally, Wolves isn’t is it? Lovely places of you have the money.

Power was again becoming a problem but just made it to the hotel in time. Had a lovely bangers and mash inside a giant Yorkshire pudding. Obviously I miss judged the cards, or I was spiking from what was still in my system from earlier while riding but I shot high and was up a few times trying to get it down to no avail. In the end changed infusion set as it might of got clipped out the insulin might of got a bit cooked being next to me all day.

Day of the Muppet

Last night I stayed in a very nice hotel. A very comfy bed, and this morning while my legs wanted to ride, my heart just wasn’t in it at all. I had no motivation whatsoever. I had originally planned skipping breakfast and getting it on the road with an early checkout. It never happened and it was gone 9 before I was on the road. I did get breakfast and it was wonderful. The double thick bacon was to die for. Blood wise I was 12.3 which was quickly brought down.

On the road my progress was still lousy and by the time I got to Preston I had wasted I hide chunk of time. I followed the bike route along the river and bumped into one of the Sky Ride groups introducing people to cycling. Got to love what they are doing. Said high and waved them across at a junction. Not far further along the route I met Mick, who’s a local guy and add we got chatting does a few sportives a lot like myself. He was a star, and got me out of the how do I find my way across the river conundrum and also find the fastest way south. After he left to do his own life, my GPS software on the phone in all its wonderful wisdom, and creative use of using various round about routes had me going all over the place really getting me in a knot of directions. Eventually though I ended on a road saying Liverpool and thought ok, that’ll do.

To make up time I went for the A roads which soon had me in Liverpool. My blood glucose was dropping, so time to find some good and along the side of the road was a sign for a restaurant just called San Marco’s which looking at the menu had some nice sounding Italian things and they had a good roadside offer on. I locked up LM and went in, the place was petty empty and he escorted me to the table. Stopping out from behind the desk and seeing I was in my shorts with my scared legs on show he almost had a stoke. Was really quiet funny, he couldn’t think what to say in English with his strong Italian language, but basically I wasn’t dressed correctly for the restaurant. Makes me wonder if tie on might of helped or probably just my legs. He was a little lost but decided not to turn down a customer and so found a table farthest from any other customer in the place. Part of me wanted to wind him up, but in the end I let him off.

Dinner was actually very good. A cabs pronounce any of it but for the cheesecake, but the main meal was a pancake with layered pancake under it with chicken, ham and a little spinach in a odd layered thing, and covered in a cheese sauce. And the cheesecake was so thick. Both were fantastic. My bloods were back up and I made a hasty retreat as the place was filling up. I think the guy was pleased I want around long, but I had a chuckle with the English guy when I paid about my attire and he just said forget it and want a problem.

Before entering deep into the city I noticed that route 62 basically traversed my planned route,  so seemed a much better option. And just over there was a path connecting onto it according to the map. Path connecting it was not quite true. Think nettle covered triffid trek into the Amazon. I ended up putting my evening long pants on and riding through them mountain bike style. Worked well and never got stung luckily.

On route 62 was great. It got me right through the city. Following all the routes was pretty simple, and I must say the best connected routes so far I’ve been on through a city. Even passed Aintree race and golf course. Deep in the city on the dark paths which makes up cycle routes a lot of the time I began to wonder about my safety. Groups of late teens playing on motorbikes which they had snuck onto the track, and fighting with one of their “friends” dog. Wasn’t going to get involved for my own sake sadly.

The route itself was a good 20+ miles long, and the number of people on bikes was brilliant to see. As was the walkers and runners. A met a local lad who had his bike upside down so was obviously having issues. But offering to help he was shocked but said he was ok and had just finished his repair. 20 mins later I find him again further down the path working on his bike. We chat a bit more this time and laugh about earlier. All turns out his bike is something he’s knocked together himself from bits, but he hasn’t got hold of an “S bend” as he put it, I believe he was on about his rear mech. So he had this elaborate cable system he yanked to change gear. But as shown, it only goes up gear so once he’s gone up through his cassette he can’t come back down. I think he should maybe make it into a fixie really. Nice guy though and said track want usually this busy, it was just the sun bringing them out.

Continuing down the route and eventually crossing the Mersey bridge, another highlight for my vertigo, I finally escape and end up in Runcorn. I load my I map for tomorrow and go spare. I had spent the entire day using the wrong map. This was an old one, I had made a new one which took me through Warrington and didn’t come near Liverpool. I’ve wasted a day going stupid places and gaining no needed distance at all. I’m fed up, annoyed, and generally utterly ticked off about it. So passing a Holiday Inn I enquired about a price, £45 will do. Sod today, I’m saying goodbye to it and going for dinner and get some sleep.


I woke and my bloods are a nice 5.3, a good bowl of Alpen and I was ready for the off. Slight snag being it was 5.30 and I had an appointment at the Royal Lancaster at 9 to get a new CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor) sensor fitted. I really needed to be out at 4 to make that.

The road was great, lovely and wish. My legs were ok, but I couldn’t climb at all. Caldbeck yesterday obviously really did them in sadly. But needs must and all that. By the time I had reached Ambleside side I was already through a bottle of my sports mix drink and a chocolate bar, and I was still going down. It seems my body was still recharging from yesterday’s silliness.

By the time I reached Kendal it was already turning 9. This want going to plan. I contacted the hospital and said I would be there as soon as possible.

It wasn’t that soon. My legs were having none of it. To try and save time, and hassle of the main A roads to Lancaster I decided to go didn’t the cycle track… Big mistake. Hills and my weak legs and more miles. Exactly what I didn’t need. The good thing though was my bloods were stable again.

Looking at the map I decided to cut out the lovely cycle route along the canal and nail it down the main road. And while on the flat, with the right blood levels, I really did nail it. Finally getting to the hospital at 11.54 which was just a little late. Thankfully the diabetic specialist nurse who was with a trainee was there to get me ready for the next half of this ride.

While in Lancaster I used the opportunity to pick up a security cable to secure the panniers as I’ve been worried about those. And also got some lunch. While passing Greenhalghs bakers, there was a lady outside giving away test samples of pie. Beautiful. Soon as I got a bit, it seemed the street descended on her hehe. But as we got talking, she kindly donated lunch to my ride. I’ve put the value of the lunch into the JDRF as it’s not really possible to donate food to a charity but love her kindness.

While eating my dinner in the central square paved area, not sure actually is name, will have to ask. I lady with a pram asked if I had a pump she could borrow as the pram had a flat. Sadly my pump is Presta only so wasn’t any use. Then I had a brain wave. The emergency inflater CO2 bottles. I have a few on me so I could spare one for a good cause. I screwed on the valve, attached it and poof, sorted. Leaving a ice chunk on the rim. She was delighted, and said she’ll have to pick one up as it was so handy.

Back on the cycle track I was just asking directions off a local lady when this old gentleman on a bike pulls up and we get chatting as the lady left. It all turns out he’s the SusTrans Ranger for this part of the route. He gave me some nice directions and route tweaks and also donated £10 which was fantastic. A really nice guy.

I got going again and was aiming to get into Preston. But my knees started aching and thought best not to push them hard today after yesterday. Phoned around a few places to stay, included what the Yellow Pages said was a Hostel, which was actually a retirement home. Anyhow, long story short phoned around, and got a room at the Best Western. A little more expensive than the b&b’s in Scotland by overall not bad at all for a place with an en suite golf course. And best of all, a very comfy legs.

There be a Lack of Electricity

Walking up I had next to no power. For any of my kit. Less than 2% and I was still in the middle of nowhere. Using what I had I checked and basically route 74 went all the way to Carlisle. That’s good enough for me. I cut power to everything, had a bowl of Alpen and hit the road not long after sun raise.

It was just after 9 and I was already approaching Lockerbie. I considered stopping for breakfast and looking for a mobile phone shop for a free charge, but decided my legs were on form and I want going to stop them.

By just before 12 I was entering Gretna and was famished. So a stopped and got a great deal on dinner. The sausage roll I got was great, so good I went back and got a bag of them for later before dropping into yet another local Spar. Between them and local garages I think they’ve fuelled my trip so far.

Road signs were saying Carlisle and Longtown, and I had had enough of Scotland by this point and wanted out. I gave up on the cycle routes and went right for Longtown and soon saw the welcome to England sign. And that just drove me on. Home soil again! And I was in Carlisle before 2 and sitting outside The Lanes getting my phone charged and having a large milkshake in the sun.

The phone had 20% power now. Surely that would be enough? After the flood of messages and calls it was less than 2% by the time I reached Dalston. So if down the cycle route I went heading for Penrith, or so was the plan. In the end it turned out to be back in Carlisle add I ride 5 miles down the route in the wrong direction due to lack of a map again beige finally heading in the right direction by about 4.30. One good thing about going the wrong way was that I did get a chance to chat to a guy in Carlisle about the ride. Nice guy and really interested in the ride and the JDRF.

There was a plan for a pitstop in Penrith to load up on more kit as necessary. Unfortunately my brother was now busy doing “other things” so that was totally scuppered by the time I was heading there. So my pitstop plan was now shot down, and I still needed to find somewhere to stay.

Then there it was, the sun said Keswick 22mile…that’s not far thought my brain. So of I went sleep in my own bed, sorry it the kit, all sorted. There was just one tiny little snag to this plan. Caldbeck and Uldale. The climbs were merciless. Actually by far the hardest climbs I’ve faced this entire trip so far. Dragging all my bags I made it home for a refuel, restock, sleep and a night out catching up with friends in town.

As you can tell from how far this is on the map, I just broke my all time distance personal best. 142 mile. Think it’ll be done time till I try to beat that again.


By the time I made it into Crianlarich last night my heart cable had stretched so much woke the grind of the climbs over from Glencoe I only had five functional gears. So it was time get things smooth again and I promised LM on my way over last night I would make her purr again this morning.

Up until today, the only time I had seen a midge yet was coming into Loch Tarff and almost swallowing a colony like some kind of two wheeled basking shark. But while working on the gears they came out. First a couple, then loads. Going for my bottle of Smidge worked wonders though. Left me alone instantly and I was able to get back to solving LM’s issued and tightening up the gear cable.

For a slow start to the day, she purred along beautifully. Getting through the smaller Lochs and into Loch Lomond on no time. The original plan that morning to have lunch in Glasgow kept slipping though as the cycle track got more and more congested and I got caught up with phone calls. The latter really ate my battery life which you will see had repercussions later on.

Glasgow has some pretty bad stereotypes, but the ride into the centre town was none of them. Beautiful and picturesque canal with bright greens off the hanging trees, and lovely tree covered cycle tracks. The centre of town did become a problem due to all the major bike tracks where being dug up or where currently in the Clyde with large parts of the riverbank routes under mayor rebuilding. My progress was slow… Very slow which was really starting to grate on me. I had a nice chat with a local lass about them and she was saying the diversions were all pretty crazy and all over the place unless you knew them. My plan to have lunch in Glasgow and be out of town soon after was now over 4 hours behind schedule.

Heading through Glasgow Andy using the navigation software very heavily, along with the calls that morning had really emptied my batteries for my systems. Much more so than I was expecting. By the time I was teaching Hamilton I was riding with most off to save power, which made things like finding my way with no map of only briefly very prone to errors.

Eventually though I was heading south and was seeing nice sights with things like Carlisle Road. Which was a great prospect. I wanted to leave Glasgow behind and get clear and I was going to do so. Coming into the dual carriageway I found it odd I hadn’t seen many cars. Always nice though. Then a group of bikes tore past in full team kit… Odd I thought. Then another, and another. To note here, this was a local groups doing time trials, full on had down racing under the clock as little groups. While yours truly, with monster bags attached, had been riding since that morning, with a open jacket on flapping away, and big tyres decided that hang on, I don’t like being overtaken… OK hind sight would probably also suggest blood glucose reasons, but I want going to stop now and was off after that last group. They were quick on the flats, but on the hills I was taking massive chunks of of them, but there was no way I could catch them. But talk about spooking them. The team just kept looking back and yep, I’m coming!

Sadly though my pushing myself, which while fun for the moment was good and it covered a fair few miles left me wondering where the heck I was going to stay. Doing my usual call around using the yellow pages was pretty futile as there was only two b&b’s to the south. And I want going to go back to Hamilton. The first had retired from business, and the second took great delight in telling me I should of booked weeks in advance and us end to enders are a pain in the behind. So that was out as well. Which left one option. My tent!

If I was going to camp it I might as well make the most of it really so I just kept on going to use the remaining daylight for more miles. In the end I set an all time personal best of 124 miles which ones really pleased with, if tired. And I found a nice quiet corner, not far from where a load of lorries were parked up for the night just off from the cycle route heading south.

My tents not that bad to get up, and everything set up, and I even managed to get all my bags in the porch area of the tent. And lay LM flat in the long grass to hide her from being spotted, and secured here to the best I could around the tent pole. The tent his very nicely, obscured from the road by a wind bush and the fact is black and green.

Closing my inner tent area I watched the sunset before closing the outer tent and getting a nights sleep while the silhouettes of bugs wondered above on the top of the inner tent.

Then there be hills

OK, more correctly the Cairngorms. But that was after the Caledonian Way.

The place I stayed at was great, actually oddly enough the guy who runs it with his girlfriend is from Carlisle. They spotted me saying la’al. I never knew a breakfast could me made that artistic.

Blood wise I started perfect, then dropped like a stone. Under injected for my breakfast then went sky high. Once I got moving levels behaved brilliantly keeping me at good levels all day.

The Caledonian Way was empty, and I honestly didn’t exceed the 10mph speed limit… Honest, it must of been a great back wind which have me good time. The climb through the woods was nasty, all loose gravel on sand. A couple of the climbs I could barely push up them. Riding just wheel spun and sank in. The locks were impressive to watch move. I watched a boat descend Neptune’s Staircase in Fort William which was great to watch. While entering Fort William there was a huge clang and thud, which brought me two a stop. Thankfully I want going fast at the time, but my tent had decided it didn’t want to come anymore and it’s bungee have up and snapped going right into my chain and wheel. Didn’t seem to cause damage luckily.

The climb from Glencoe was a slog though. For the first time this ride my knees started to complain. Not as much as LM’s gears though. She was being by this time with the new gear cable seems to of stretched. I’ll play at correcting that in the morning.

And now I’m in Crianlarich for the night. Having the hardest time so far too find a net connection. Only outside in the pub garden it seems. Anyhow, it’s a nice night for a diet coke. Catch you all tomorrow.

Fear and predictions

Today was a completely different kind of day. A beautiful sunny morning, even if I was expected to get hit by some rain later according to the radar. The b&b I found in Alness was brilliant. A lovely friendly couple, and a nice large room. And breakfast was great, a nice choice of cereals, main courses, fry ups, drinks. Just what you wanted. Meet a nice trio of walkers on their way up from Lands End. Comical bunch but seem to be enjoying their trip.

Waving each other off I venture off up Route 1. When it leaves the main roads it actually can if you do choose avoid the minor back roads and actually take it into the forests and fields. Ohh what fun, it was just single track, but very much like the first part of Whinlatter’s blue trail. Great fun, even got a little air over one yump. Think I scared the daylights out of the guy with the GoPro on his helmet coming the other way. Sadly though it didn’t last and I was soon back on the road grinding my way up hills towards Inverness.

It rained, it stopped. It went cold, it went scorching. It did it over and over. I think I changed my kit about 7 times before giving up and just going with what I had on. Sadly though LM want in the happiest of moods. It may of been the single track action, but all she did on the grind up to Inverness was groan, rattle, clank, and generally lots of not usually very good sounds from a trusty steed. A pitstop for a good check over, oil everything, tighten a few things up. And we were back in track and running along smoothly and silently.

Inverness was a mess. Bike track after bike track was closed for maintenance. Went round and round looking for alternatives which made slow head way… And then there it was. The Kessock bridge. And Mr Vertigo here want having any of it. Was chatting to some local bikers who helped me through the mess of the local bike tracks, but the flew over the bridge. The low side, and riding along it was too much for me. In the end I got off and walked the thing against the inside barrier looking over the road at the cars. Took forever but made it eventually. Over the bridge, the bike track again was closed, so had to take more random routes though some oil depots before rejoining and getting on again, only to have yet another rule closed, thus needing a trip into the centre of the city on a busy Sunday just to get around the closed area. Eventually I manned to escape though. But the slow downs by this point where already hurting my progress.

My blood levels weren’t playing ball either. The morning they were great, almost perfect but come lunchtime, although the fear and panic over the bridge might of played a part, they are sky rocketing. Never feel good when high so not helping making up time either.

Loch Ness was well… Hidden. For the most part anyhow behind trees. I enjoyed the trip, but it was sadly barely visible for most of the afternoon. A couple of fire engines, coast guard and mountain rescue all flew part down the road at one point. Which turned out to be a young girl had got talked down the Foyers Falls. She was alright though.

Leaving the Loch I continued on,  but by Whitebridge my levels had gone though the floor. I parked up, raided my chocolate stash, and took some snaps of the amazing bridge. Read the history board. And the village notice board. You know, they have a roadside egg drop off. Someone (I couldn’t tell who) puts fresh free range eggs in this old ammo box for anyone to take off they leave the cash in the box. Amazing trust just leaving the box of eggs/cash on the roadside.

And then came the hill. Talk about a climb, mile after mile of slog. And then the descent down into Fort Augustus. The shimmering Lochs as I came down. They looked fantastic.

Fort Augustus was probably the most touristy place I’ve seen so far. Bag pipes being played. Lots of shops and people everywhere. Every nationality going, getting pics with the piper. And then this ship came, and the lock slowly flex with water and the main road spun around. Made a great sight as I got a proper meal finally from a nearby cafe. The bread pudding was so thick, I originally mistook it for flapjack. But wow was it awesome.

Time was skipping on, and after looking for rooms in Fort William, then trying all the towns closer, in the end I gave up and settled for a place in Fort Augustus. Not the range I wanted to get in today. But with the hills I am quite pleased. Tomorrow I do the Caledonian way, and head south again. Legs are still feeling great and want to put in the miles which is good. But I need to smooth my levels a bit more really and up my speed and cut out all the slow down stops. But that’s for tomorrow.


Well,  I’ve been up for the last hour feeling rough as a very rough think covered in sandpaper with a very sign put around its neck. Why you ask? Why is is that difficult to get DIET COKE when you order it,  and they even put it on the bill. I new it tasted odd and that was dismissed as if not being proper Coke but if was diet. Well yes, the fact I’ve spent last night over 25 (450) seems to say otherwise. A great start to the first day, a fight with getting my bloods back under control. Sunrise was beautiful though!