Making an ass of myself with my ass

Well, decided it was time to rotate the injection sites around a bit. My stomachs a mess to be honest, and my legs have suffered a bit due to getting the wear and tear instead. Far too many bruises to avoid for now. So after trying my arms, of which there is no meat on them at all, have ended up using my ass. Yes I know, lots of material for jokes, but it’s a reasonable sized target and it’s possible to pinch and inject as opposed to with your arms easily.

Injecting is fine, no problems other than the usual stings with it being a new area. But sheesh the absorption is totally different. Am going through the floor with how it’s effected my levels. 1.9, 2.8, 2.2 to name a few over the last couple of days since this change. Have even had to change my ratio’s to try and fix it. Guess will be a couple more days till I know for certain if I’ve got the changes sorted. But sheesh some scary moments just by moving injection sites!