It’s an odd thing, something I’ve never needed much to think about due to the annual flu jab. Which I have had! But as the press has made a big thing on, the jabs don’t work in the large number of cases…including mine!

So I’ve been burning up, freezing cold, coughing and breathing very badly, throwing up and generally have no energy whatsoever. Along with blood levels which are crazy high (been avoiding ketones thankfully so far). Stacking in the corrections are getting annoying though. I’ve used well over 3x my normal daily dose. And due to my throat been sticking to slithery foods like banana’s and yogurt.

Overall though feel as though it’s clearing now. Still got headaches and incredibly tired even with going to sleep early each night with it. BG levels are beginning to behave but I’m still running a 148% temporary basal. Got these muscle pains in the my calves which is just odd, feels like I’ve done a big ride which sadly I haven’t. I’ve a bike going spare at the lack of mileage, and that needs fixing soon!

Hope this clears up soon so I can get a nice Easter Sunday/Monday ride in 🙂