I woke and my bloods are a nice 5.3, a good bowl of Alpen and I was ready for the off. Slight snag being it was 5.30 and I had an appointment at the Royal Lancaster at 9 to get a new CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor) sensor fitted. I really needed to be out at 4 to make that.

The road was great, lovely and wish. My legs were ok, but I couldn’t climb at all. Caldbeck yesterday obviously really did them in sadly. But needs must and all that. By the time I had reached Ambleside side I was already through a bottle of my sports mix drink and a chocolate bar, and I was still going down. It seems my body was still recharging from yesterday’s silliness.

By the time I reached Kendal it was already turning 9. This want going to plan. I contacted the hospital and said I would be there as soon as possible.

It wasn’t that soon. My legs were having none of it. To try and save time, and hassle of the main A roads to Lancaster I decided to go didn’t the cycle track… Big mistake. Hills and my weak legs and more miles. Exactly what I didn’t need. The good thing though was my bloods were stable again.

Looking at the map I decided to cut out the lovely cycle route along the canal and nail it down the main road. And while on the flat, with the right blood levels, I really did nail it. Finally getting to the hospital at 11.54 which was just a little late. Thankfully the diabetic specialist nurse who was with a trainee was there to get me ready for the next half of this ride.

While in Lancaster I used the opportunity to pick up a security cable to secure the panniers as I’ve been worried about those. And also got some lunch. While passing Greenhalghs bakers, there was a lady outside giving away test samples of pie. Beautiful. Soon as I got a bit, it seemed the street descended on her hehe. But as we got talking, she kindly donated lunch to my ride. I’ve put the value of the lunch into the JDRF as it’s not really possible to donate food to a charity but love her kindness.

While eating my dinner in the central square paved area, not sure actually is name, will have to ask. I lady with a pram asked if I had a pump she could borrow as the pram had a flat. Sadly my pump is Presta only so wasn’t any use. Then I had a brain wave. The emergency inflater CO2 bottles. I have a few on me so I could spare one for a good cause. I screwed on the valve, attached it and poof, sorted. Leaving a ice chunk on the rim. She was delighted, and said she’ll have to pick one up as it was so handy.

Back on the cycle track I was just asking directions off a local lady when this old gentleman on a bike pulls up and we get chatting as the lady left. It all turns out he’s the SusTrans Ranger for this part of the route. He gave me some nice directions and route tweaks and also donated £10 which was fantastic. A really nice guy.

I got going again and was aiming to get into Preston. But my knees started aching and thought best not to push them hard today after yesterday. Phoned around a few places to stay, included what the Yellow Pages said was a Hostel, which was actually a retirement home. Anyhow, long story short phoned around, and got a room at the Best Western. A little more expensive than the b&b’s in Scotland by overall not bad at all for a place with an en suite golf course. And best of all, a very comfy legs.