Funny Hypo Stories

Ok, hypos! Very annoying things at the best of times, and yes with hindsight very dangerous as well. But sheesh can they be funny. Who need’s alcohol when you are diabetic right?! I can thankfully say I haven’t had a hypo I haven’t treated myself since moving to my current hospital (*woot* Lancaster!). Before that though, I’ve had a few amusing ones:

The Easter Egg Incident:
Well, as the title suggests it was coming up to Easter, and I was at work alone other than the boss who popped in occasionally. He dropped in just before lunch and said he would be back to cover me in 5mins. So I did my injection as was only going to run across the road to grab my usual sandwich when he returned.

45mins later he returns and I’ve vanished. The street for a sandwich hadn’t seem me either ( and I’ve no recollection of anything from this point so all provided third party). I somehow didn’t make it to the sandwich shop and ended somewhere up the street talking to a friend also on lunch…before disappearing.

Over an hour later the boss has got concerned so calls the police. The police arrive at work and boss is giving them my description when over the radio comes a message that there has been an incident involving Easter eggs at the local supermarket. The boss immediately screaming “that’s him!”.

Meanwhile down at the supermarket, it seems I had decided to do my weekly shop. Before launching myself into a Easter Egg display. Originally believed to be drunk, but thankfully one shop workers recognised me and not believing I was drunk called the paramedics. That bit was all well and good, got scraped up by paramedics and such and sitting down at the hospital coming round. I start wittering stupid things about one of the paramedics being an utterly gorgeous and an angel and pretty much every stupid thing you could imagine, as the part of my brain still running on the drunken hypo state seemed to of noticed the paramedic was the girl from high school I pretty much fancied in my early teens.

Long story short, made an utter fool of myself. And don’t think she saw the funny side either sadly so even stupid hypo moments don’t help on dating possibilities…

Dating Possibilities…
Or maybe not! It was a hot summers day, and BG was fine as I left work for my ride home and hindsight again is wonderful in that my levels went through the floor.

Somewhere along the way home I have that hypo fuzzy blur vision of stopping to chat with someone and it would seem getting a very fuzzy name which was Carol or Caroline and a even more fuzzy phone number written in pen on my arm.

I did somehow manage to get home and fed on auto pilot! Noticing the arm later, and the sweaty blurred mess I have utterly no idea who she was or the number as they weren’t readable! My typical luck, I can only get a date maybe while having a hypo!

Wheelie Chair Wacky Races
Short one this. At the time my office was on the ground floor (this might also explain why they moved me upstairs). And in one of my lovely hypo moments I seemed to took off out of work, and out the front door, on an office wheelie chair going wheeeeeeeee with feet going like a scene from the Flintstones before taking off down Main Street on it.

Training Day
Was a late night at work, finishing off a few jobs and was going to get some dinner at work. Nipped to the toilet, and had my injection and…the next think I know I’m coming round surrounded by a large crowd. The surprised look on my face was one of those concerned about what have I done this time and who are all these lot around me kind of moments.

All turned out I had a hypo in the toilet. Unfortunately (for me) to get me out, things kind of escalated when it occurred on one of the towns emergency services training day…so they all decided to come! So there’s me, trousers around ankles, surrounded by 18 members of fire, police, ambulance and mountain rescue wondering what the heck was going on. Luckily the toilets were going to be destroyed in building work in a couple of weeks anyhow, so guess I was just helping out 😛

What a wonderful embarrassing moment though!

Banana Pizza
I don’t remember much of the what happened, but the clean up sheesh. All turns out I had tried cooking a pizza (in the box) in the oven, before transferring it to the microwave…which doesn’t seem to of fitted. Somehow, some banana’s got involved with it, and they seemed to of been unzipped at the time. As you all know, zipped up banana + microwave = BOOM!. So somehow it must of seemed a good idea to mix a pepperoni pizza and bananas in a rather exploded mess in the microwave. Luckily the chocolate muffin which was found seemed to do the trick, until the clean up was needed anyhow 😛