What if?!

Was a conversation today on Twitter which really made me think. It all started off due to the Diabetes Professional Conference down in London, but what got me thinking was about the possibilities of cures. Yeah I know, it’s ten years away, it’s been ten years away for the last thirty odd or longer years. Anyhow, all this talk of technology to cure us got me wondering about what would it actually mean to me?

Thinking back I can’t actually remember a life without D being an integral part of it. I know many keep saying that they are more than their diabetes, they are a person too. Which yes that is very true, but my D is also a major part of me. I am sure the whole looking at food and seeing numbers since an early age helped me through primary school maths.

I look at how I ride as well with my pump on my arm and a CGM telling me my BG level and direction. That’s actually an advantage I think over normal people…I see my fuel level and they don’t! I can see how much is left in the tank and save or burn it, they can’t! It’s taught me so much about how I work, what makes me tick and how to fuel me for these rides. That knowledge will always be with me which is great. But what would being “cured” mean for the rest of me?

Would I forget to think about these things? Would I just go crazy and binge out or something? It’s something I can’t quite figure out how I would feel or react. Could I forget all what I know? Would I have to? Would I keep grabbing my lancet device every hour or so like now instinctively?

It really got my mind spinning on what it would actually mean. Could I handle it even?!

Medtronic 640G Pump Fliddling

Went down to the Lancaster i Pumps tonight. Got out of work and utterly blitzed it home. Got to Penrith with spare time and even got to the meeting early. One of those nights I guess.

The big topic of the night was the new Medtronic 640G pump with a presentation from Medtronic with help from local test user of the pump Dave Sowerby.

Not actually being able to use one I can’t actually say how well the Smart Guard hypo prevention works when really pushed in my usual inevitable taking things to the limits, and then take them a bit further just to see how far they’ll go. But still it did look a nice touch.

So getting to fiddling with it for five minutes. The new user interface and general feel of it is improved. The ability to create presets for various things is a very nice feature. Bolus Wizard has been tweaked, it always was good but seems better still now. Being waterproof is great, and long overdue as we live with British weather! Shining a torch on the screen seemed to work as a test to see if it’s readable in bright direct light…seemed pretty clear even then so that’s very nice!

The pumps heavy reliance on CGM sensors was discussed, which is always a hot topic as to can we or can’t we get them out of a hospital. With its Smart Guard needing CGM sensors all the time that really will depend on how the NHS becomes more open to general CGM sensor funding for all…that as we all know is best not holding your breath for. It does work without the CGM sensors, yet without them it really just becomes another pump with a colour screen, and a software upgrade.

So do I like it? I honestly don’t know. The portrait layout of the device compared to the landscape format of all the earlier models will make it more difficult for me personally if I had one mounted on my arm as I usually do. But only as far as I’d need to have more slack tubing in my arm pouch so I could rotate it around. That could in theory at least result it tugging on it and make it rotate while on my arm but this really can’t be known until it’s tried in use.  Am I putting how to attach it to me over actually it’s features and use? Probably.  Would I like one? With the CGM sensors yes for the Smart Guard, without them hmm, not overly sure…maybe *shrug*


Well, I got up at the quiet frankly awful hour of 4am to get a train to Nottingham. The wind had the trees sideways, the hail was pounding down so I must admit that I was quiet happy as it did mean I would be avoiding having to battle with myself to force myself to go for a training ride.

Seeing sunrise while on a train, and later sunset was also quite different. Did feel rather caged by it. Going through Lancaster was very strange, I was on auto pilot almost to jump off and wonder up the hospital, yet I did manage to resist the urge. The countryside was very interesting though. So incredibly flat when I got down to places like Crewe and approaching Nottingham. I guess I’m sounding like some kind of country bumpkin, which let’s face it I am, but it was strange being able to see the land stretch into the distance without the points of the local fells reaching to the sky.

The conference was very interesting though and in the Boots Headquarters which was nice. I thought I was in the wrong place to be honest as the address on the site said Building DH6 at Media City…no map had Media City on it, and didn’t know it meant the Boots campus. Very cool place though, and loved the pictures of the old Boots lorries and products.

I did feel a bit of a loaner though as it seemed many were busily grouped together chatting. A nice lady though named Caron introduced herself and broke the ice. Thank you so much Caron, you made my day and I really did enjoy our chats throughout the day.

Conference wise I don’t have any comparison as this is my first since I was about 5 or 6 when I messed one up right royally by having a hypo at one…yeah that’s me! We all grouped up then proposed ideas for topics to discuss, then went off into smaller groups to chat about the subjects brought up. I joined the medical technology, diet, and mental issues discussions. Unfortunately missing the exercise one as it clashed with the medical technology discussion.

The medical technology discussion was nice. Discussing pumps and CGM and the people from Input on about how to acquire the tech. I got into a bit of a rant about the cost of the tech and brought up wouldn’t it be nice if the NHS made all the tech itself like it used to in the old days. Yeah, chance of that would be a fine thing! Would save a fortune though in reality but can’t see any of the political types ever having a bright idea like that though.

Diet was very low carb brigade stuff which I’m quite frankly tired of arguing. Was some interesting chats on GI based diets which I have to admit am a huge fan of.  Always been a fan of the not being restricted by food, grab your energy from any source and use it. Just adapt your injection pattern for the food not limit what you can or can’t eat.

Mental health was urmm well we’re all nuts! I think I upset someone by calling psychiatrists all shrinks as I always trip over my tongue trying to say psychiatrists and calling them psychos really would of upset her. Did discuss my issues way back when though and many of us shared a lot of information.  Sadly had to run off early though to catch my train home so never heard the end of the discussion, or the closing of the conference.

I must admit though I am utterly kicking myself for not saying goodbye to Caron as I owe her badly for being a good friend throughout the day and having someone to chat to. It meant a lot to me, thank you so much!


Spent most of this week trying to negotiate with medical companies about aid for the ride. To be honest the aid is very much needed as the NHS can’t fund my pump or insulin supplies while I’m out of the country. Sad news is so far after some initial interest have seen nothing but being ignored, or sent to spam it would seem. Sad, frustrating and very disappointing to be honest but it does bring home my thoughts on why the #insulin4all campaign is so important. Must admit, I almost went on a huge rant about it all but best to bite my tongue really. Am hugely disappointed though.

Nice chat

Had a great chat today with a television producer. Seems interested in using any footage from the ride so fingers crossed this is progressing along nicely as well. Would be great if we can get the ride televised down the road.