What if?!

Was a conversation today on Twitter which really made me think. It all started off due to the Diabetes Professional Conference down in London, but what got me thinking was about the possibilities of cures. Yeah I know, it’s ten years away, it’s been ten years away for the last thirty odd or longer years. Anyhow, all this talk of technology to cure us got me wondering about what would it actually mean to me?

Thinking back I can’t actually remember a life without D being an integral part of it. I know many keep saying that they are more than their diabetes, they are a person too. Which yes that is very true, but my D is also a major part of me. I am sure the whole looking at food and seeing numbers since an early age helped me through primary school maths.

I look at how I ride as well with my pump on my arm and a CGM telling me my BG level and direction. That’s actually an advantage I think over normal people…I see my fuel level and they don’t! I can see how much is left in the tank and save or burn it, they can’t! It’s taught me so much about how I work, what makes me tick and how to fuel me for these rides. That knowledge will always be with me which is great. But what would being “cured” mean for the rest of me?

Would I forget to think about these things? Would I just go crazy and binge out or something? It’s something I can’t quite figure out how I would feel or react. Could I forget all what I know? Would I have to? Would I keep grabbing my lancet device every hour or so like now instinctively?

It really got my mind spinning on what it would actually mean. Could I handle it even?!