Gentle discussion ride with Nephew

Took my nephew out for a nice lil ride today. Snow was coming down in the rest of the country but seemed to of melted here and was above zero so why not…got me away from working on the site here for a bit and back on the road is always better than being chained to a screen.

Decided that it was time to give BM a nice blast out and eek did she need it. Seemed her derailleur was jamming up with the oil congesting…not good! Cleaned it up but still couldn’t back wheel without it throwing the chain off. So as long as I keep going forward all would be ok! and after a few miles everything cleaned through and worked great again…guess I need to use her more often!

Ride was nice and quiet, a few metal boxes around, but nothing too annoying. Just a short ride and very slow, but mostly he just kept on about how annoying his sister, my niece was being and also general discussions on LOTRO and his new characters hehe. Always fun. Think we stood discussing character outfits for over 10mins at one point. But still he had a nice ride and seems to be getting better at handing the climbs and his gears these days which is good.