mHealth Rider Dinner…ish

Riders Dinner

It’s the rider dinner for those who did the mHealth GT in September today. Sadly though due to the security situation Orange has decided to hold off at the moment on allowing their staff to attend which is a huge shame. While I understand how a company has to think on things such as this another part of it does make it feel almost as allowing the terrorists to win through allowing them to alter what you want to do. But out of these issues we can but strive forward and come up with a solition! And thus one crazy nerd with a chat with (the fantastic) Caroline from Orange (as in the one who saved me last month on my London to Paris ride) we hatched up a little solution.

Laptop in toe, Skype all setup and ready to roll. Camera and microphone checked and ready. And cardboard cut outs made of Caroline and Maria (I sadly ran out of strong cardboard to make one of Viet and Liesbeth or I would of made more, ready so they can attend the dinner in cardboard and digital if not in person. I must admit though, getting on a bus, and train carrying cardboard women definatly raises a few eyebrows!