Highs and Lows

The plan was sound, another solid day like yesterday along some A roads. It started well with a fantastic breakfast also and a very nice fruit salad. And the road to Glastonbury was pretty good considering the festival starts in a couple of days. Lots of people going with materials for the festival.

It was also good to start seeing other people doing the End2End again, even if they all were going in the opposite direction. But you could really tell the difference in styles of riders. There were the locals, maybe a dayglo jacket and a mountain bike usually. Then there was the End2Enders who had all the kit, bags usually all loaded perfectly, proper jackets on, helmets, gloves etc. Then there was the booking festival goer. Most could be considered “a bike” usually vaguely from how battered they seemed to be. Bags don’t seem to be part of their kit, but throwing everything into the bike and bungeeing it on did. Helmets seemed to be  a no no also. And clothing? It seemed baggy as possible and the more they liked like rejects from the 70s the better. And me? Smelly bag busy polluting the air behind, and a blooded up knee and my blue and white JDRF colours,  and buried under bags.

Next up came Taunton. But getting there became harder than expected. The wind was the same as earlier, not the no wind first predicted but still about 11mph according to the Met Office.

It all started with an odd high, which I put down to breakfast being slow to digest and kicking in late. I did a smaller than needed correction (due to the fact I was riding still) but to no effect. I did another, and another, then crash out fell, so I had something to eat. Blood was now back up to 11′s and climbing. Tried to correct, again to no change. This continued till it was over 25 (for those none diabetics “normal” is meant to be 6.2, over 12 and exercise isn’t “recommended”). I had being trying to trundle along slowly but in the end have up and say on the rid side trying to get control of the highs. In the end to no avail I end up having to  change my canula and infusion set beefier things come under control again.

I press on but sadly the A road turns into the M5 and that’s scuppered that idea. So a quick switch to Route 3 and follow the canal to Tiverton. Bloods started behaving again which was good, but the excessive time navigating around Taunton used up quite a lot of my power.

Considered pressing on, but deciding against it due to the lack of power so the final decision for the day after finding no lodgings ahead of me. Anywhere would of done really where I could plug in some chargers. I was considering just riding on and using my headlight but the lack of power for my navigation / phone was a concern for a place where I have utterly no idea where I’m going.

So safe in a hotel again. Get to many high blood sugar parts today, and get too few miles. An early start tomorrow and I hope to maybe finish this. Long day, but should hopefully be possible.