Then there be hills

OK, more correctly the Cairngorms. But that was after the Caledonian Way.

The place I stayed at was great, actually oddly enough the guy who runs it with his girlfriend is from Carlisle. They spotted me saying la’al. I never knew a breakfast could me made that artistic.

Blood wise I started perfect, then dropped like a stone. Under injected for my breakfast then went sky high. Once I got moving levels behaved brilliantly keeping me at good levels all day.

The Caledonian Way was empty, and I honestly didn’t exceed the 10mph speed limit… Honest, it must of been a great back wind which have me good time. The climb through the woods was nasty, all loose gravel on sand. A couple of the climbs I could barely push up them. Riding just wheel spun and sank in. The locks were impressive to watch move. I watched a boat descend Neptune’s Staircase in Fort William which was great to watch. While entering Fort William there was a huge clang and thud, which brought me two a stop. Thankfully I want going fast at the time, but my tent had decided it didn’t want to come anymore and it’s bungee have up and snapped going right into my chain and wheel. Didn’t seem to cause damage luckily.

The climb from Glencoe was a slog though. For the first time this ride my knees started to complain. Not as much as LM’s gears though. She was being by this time with the new gear cable seems to of stretched. I’ll play at correcting that in the morning.

And now I’m in Crianlarich for the night. Having the hardest time so far too find a net connection. Only outside in the pub garden it seems. Anyhow, it’s a nice night for a diet coke. Catch you all tomorrow.