Getting there

Finally made it to the hotel at the start. The train ride was very long and quiet crazy due to the number of stops it makes along the way. The sights are amazing though, herds of reindeer, buzzards, a stag scratching himself on a tree beside the railway line to name a few. I think the most memorable station though is Invergordon which has an amazing mural painted along the platform depicting highland soldiers in the second world war. And just past Invergordon in the bay was the construction yards for oil rigs. All in different stages of construction, and the scale incredibly magnificent.

Arriving in Thurso was perfectly timed and it was staying to rain. But one thing about living in Keswick, you always bet on rain! Quickly changed and I was on my way. Route 1 was an easy find, but while changing batteries I missed a turning. As ever though turning round was never going to happen since I was going roughly in the right direction so I simply carried on. On my additional 7 mile excursion I came to the most northerly point in mainland Britain, Dunnet Head. It’s a sticky out cliff but still worth the additional miles since I was already in the neighbourhood.

Dunnet HeadSunset over Stroma

My bloods by now decided to play up a bit, ok a lot with the down to the low 2′s (low 40′s). A good drink of my energy drink and a Twix and I was off again. And reached the hotel with my levels at a nice 6.7 (121). The menu for dinner was pretty much all seafood, but all very fresh which I kind of expected from a fishing town this far in the middle of nowhere. But the hotel room at the Seaview I must admit is first class. Large, comfortable, and generally excellent.