Colds Meh!

Still got my cold, although it seems to be abating a little bit anyhow. Bloods have been silly numbers all weekend and done nothing but fire in correction injections to lower it to “normal”. Not to much luck either. Tonight got it down to the high 8′s so thought good enough, time to get a ride in. So a nice quick ride around the lake. Nothing major and just a little bit of rain.

By the time I got to Grange my bloods we’re really happy with being out! Well if a 1.8 (6.2 is where it’s meant to be at) can be called happy that is. No wonder my legs were feeling drained. Suspended my pump completely as I was probably still running off the insulin from dinner time anyhow, so no need to have even a little bit more. Downed a load of energy drink and pootled trying not to push things hard back home with the bloods back up to 8.0 by the time I got home.

Still sniffling and suffering a stuffed nose. But at least for the moment the bloods are hovering around normal levels for now.