Colds Meh!

Still got my cold, although it seems to be abating a little bit anyhow. Bloods have been silly numbers all weekend and done nothing but fire in correction injections to lower it to “normal”. Not to much luck either. Tonight got it down to the high 8′s so thought good enough, time to get a ride in. So a nice quick ride around the lake. Nothing major and just a little bit of rain.

By the time I got to Grange my bloods we’re really happy with being out! Well if a 1.8 (6.2 is where it’s meant to be at) can be called happy that is. No wonder my legs were feeling drained. Suspended my pump completely as I was probably still running off the insulin from dinner time anyhow, so no need to have even a little bit more. Downed a load of energy drink and pootled trying not to push things hard back home with the bloods back up to 8.0 by the time I got home.

Still sniffling and suffering a stuffed nose. But at least for the moment the bloods are hovering around normal levels for now.

If I can’t get out…

Thought I would come up with a kind of solution to my lack of training due to the cold. Least the weather today is raining again so not really missing much with that, but the miles I am missing. So out came the turbo trainer and spent a good four hours putting some miles in while watching a couple of movies. Pretty gentle ride really as I’m still having issues breathing with the cold, but it is much better than yesterday. Bloods remained at a pretty reasonable level throughout and that was with no corrections, no lowered doses due to the exercise, and no extra food or sports drinks. Guess it shows how much this cold is knocking my levels high if I can ride for that long without it effecting…kind of worryingly so really!


Wonderful! The best day we’ve had in ages. Sunshine, hardly a cloud, and very little wind. Was looking forward to get some decent miles in and wake up with a bad head, bloods in the 18′s (the should be around 6.2)! and with a snottered up nose and sore throat and having problems breathing.

It’s taken all morning to try and get it down…if getting it down is classifiable as 15.2 that is. No energy like this, and this is not the kind of training I need!

Always an Adventure Part 2

Well…dinner was delayed. Seems I couldn’t order any dinner till 5.30pm, which OK was a 45mins wait which was the best solution since I felt I needed it.

The long delay in Ambleside of 90mins and the wind was still as nasty as it was beforehand. The long slog climb up Dunmail was nasty with the headwind in my face all the way, so much so by the time I reached Thirlmere I decided to duck behind it and hide from the wind for a bit even if it did mean I was adding an extra couple of miles.

It was nice, very quiet without a single car. That made up for the added distance in itself just about! But best of all the wind was much more pleasant being sheltered by the trees until I reached the dam wall. The wind was seriously blasting while crossing, and continued to do so all the way home.

On a nice day, that ride would of been brilliant I think. The canal, the lakes and the views. But with the headwind sapping all the way it sadly really did pull on my all the way. But these are learning experiences so that’s all good!

Always an adventure…

There is something nice about every ride and that is they are all adventures. Small or large doesn’t matter, but they all have a tale to tell.

Today has had loads of lovely little things. There was the suicidal rabbit this morning which ran between my wheels and scared me for a moment. There was the police sniffer pups in training which were a lot of fun. The gentle ride along the canal, the little kids with the ducks and the narrow boats. Me getting hopelessly lost in Kendal with its one way system. The train crossing, never ridden over one of those before. And the headwind on the way home, causing huge white horses on Windermere making it resemble the sea more than a lake.

So while I wait for my dinner in Ambleside I sit enjoying the sun looking forward to the ride home…