1 Diabetic – 1 Bike – 1 World

Coming in 2016 hopefully, a lone type-one diabetic will set off to cycle around the world. No support vehicles, just himself, a bike and a 44,000Km adventure before him…


Of course though, if that wasn’t a big enough challenge he’s also going to do it in the wrong direction.

Whereas most travelling around the world do it travelling East or West, he’s doing it from the most northerly point in mainland Europe, down to the most southerly point in Africa, before travelling back up from the most southerly point in South America to the most northerly town in Eastern Canada. A journey expected to take 18 months which will be followed on this page daily (or as close to as possible due to communication restrictions in some areas).

The planning has been very extensive to say the least over the last 6 years since this little idea was first hatched in my head…and no before you ask it wasn’t during one of my falls into trees!

Starting out at Nordkapp in Norway my course weaves it’s way south along the fjords and down into Sweden and on into Denmark and Germany. From Germany it’s on into the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Before moving onto Romania…yes I have to admit it the thought of doing a BG test on Dracula’s doorstep has come to mind! (watch this space). Then onto Bulgaria and Turkey.

This is where the initial plan goes all whacky as initially the route had me going south into Syria…that’s a bit of a snag these days sadly, thus a slight detour to Cyprus and then on to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. And across the Saudi desert to Dubai then onto Dijibouti. And yes I know you looking at a map now wondering what the blazes I’m doing here, but there is no other way as far as I’ve found due to current political situations! And yes, this section is going to remain very fluid due to how things in this regard may change.

From here on it’s directly south to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. Then it’s a trip around South Africa to arrive at Cape Point.

It’s then a flight over to Ushuaia in Argentina and the return trek begins. Argentina into Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. Then up through Mexico and into the United States visiting Houston, Mephis, Indianapolis, and Buffalo as I make my northwards to Canada. From here on it’s on to Toronto and Cartwright in Newfoundland overlooking the Atlantic and Greenland.

The initial plan for this little trip was for 2015 for a start, but as those of you who have been following my planning process on Twitter will know for all the great support I’ve gained so far from cycling and camping companies, I’ve yet to get any backing from any Diabetic medical companies. Do I need them? Frankly yes since it’s not really possible for the NHS to send me pump supplies or insulin when I’m not in the country. It’s added a massive issue to funding for the trip but as ever, it’s another challenge and one which will be overcome!