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Welcome to T1 Rides

An every day bloke on a bike who's been a Type 1 diabetic for the last thirty-seven years. Plenty of up's and down's along the journey of going all over the place on a bike. Some goals bigger than other but still keeping the pedals spinning.

Further Information...

Lancaster to Paris

May 2017 - One loon on a bike riding from the hospital which looks after him to the Eiffel Tower on a self-made, hand-made bike. No support, no backup, just one diabetic, a bike and a lot of road ahead of him...

1 Diabetic - 1 Bike - 1000 Miles

The JOGLE ride. John O'Groats to Lands End. A lone diabetic on a bike, with a tent on the back, and 1000 miles of British roads to explore. Learning things as he goes and meeting fantastic people throughout the country...

mHealth Grand Tour 2015

Epic tour from Brussels to Paris and on to Geneva. A research study and fantastic ride all in one.,,